5 Things Happen to Couples That Have Been Together For A Long Time

When I started my relationship with my husband, I was fiercely independent. I owned my own home because I didn’t feel a man needed to provide that for me. I was in college when I bought it. We began living with each other. “Living together” or “taking it day by day” were the mantras of the 60s and 70s.

I maintained my own sense of self throughout my relationship. I was an artist. I created my own world that was separate of his. But we were a couple, having a child, and learning how to be a family. Both of us came from dysfunctional families so we tried to better ourselves. We started reading books, attending child development classes and started talking about our own issues with how we were raised by our parents.

I think what’s needed in a long term relationship was to allow each other to be fiercely free and independent. What we realized was to have our own goals in life and our own interests. We believed that we were two people working as one. The “one” was the family. Planning activities with the family, eating healthy as a family, talking as a family, working as a family, supporting and helping out as a family.
It was a balancing act that took a great deal of determination but it worked.

1) Keep being independent and dependent – “let people have their space and then when you come together, enjoy your time together”
2) Keep communication paths open even if each person has a different path – “You have to learn to listen, to soften, to get off your high horse and hear what the other person is saying”
3) Be there when each other is going through vulnerable times – “Especially through the aging process and the physical pain that the each one may be going through”
4) Have sexual intimate time together – “Whether it be kissing, touching or being playful, sex is not just intercourse. But sex still can be good at 60”
5) Depend on each other – “Kind words can help each of us through the day. Use the phone, or email, just thank them”

It is always wonderful to me to remember I can still be with my significant other even though the crap of the world was what I was up against that day

Herbal Remedies for the Allergy Season

10 items to help singers through the allergy season:

1) “Breathe Easy” Tea – a product put out by Traditional Medicinal Company

2) A Neti-Pot

3) Stay away from gluten-“If you are allergic to grass, you are most likely going to be allergic to gluten flour. When I stopped eating gluten, my grass allergy was only 2 weeks instead of 2 months.”

4) Increase Grape Seed Extract to 900 mg

5) Gargle with 1 cup of hot water (as hot as you can stand it) with 1/4 tsp of salt

6) If you have an allergy attack, go to your car and turn on the air conditioning. It will help relieve your symptoms

7) Similasan Eye tincture for allergy eyes

8) “Kick Ass Allergy Tincture” – a product put out by Wishgarden

9) If worst comes to worst, wear a construction mask. You may look like Adam Ant but it does work amazingly well.

10) Or take Claritin or the generic brand. Being a singer, Claritin is the only brand that doesn’t dry out your throat and we need the mucous to sing.

These are my mostly natural ways of helping singers though their allergy seasons. If you have any natural ways that work for you, please let me know.